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The Philippine Stock Exchange has released the latest results of  our index stocks. It consist of new stocks and those that will be removed from each sector indexes. There are also amendments to the selection criteria. The results came out after trading hours and was released by the PSE board.

You can check the official results link here https://documents.pse.com.ph/CircularOPSPDF/CN-2021-0046.pdf

1. There is an increase in free float level requirements from 15% to 20%

2. Early inclusion provision for issuances that can comply with specific size and liquidity criteria

3. Adjustment to the rules for insertions and removals wherein a listed company shall be included in the PSEI if it ranks 25th or higher and shall be excluded in the PSEI if it ranks 36th or lower in terms of market capitalization

Among these new list were major stocks reshuffle


The re-composition of indices will take effect on August 16, 2021.

For Blue chip Index

For the Industrial Index

For the Industrial index

Property Index

Services Index

Holding Indexes

Mining Indexes

Financials index: RCB out Industrial index: ACR in; EEI, PIZZA, PNX out Holding Firms index: ABA in, LPZ out Property index: ALCO, DMW out Services index: CNVRG, PHA in; STI, TUGS out Mining & Oil index: AT, MARC, ORE in; CPM out

Expecting re-positioning of stocks tomorrow by the fund managers.

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