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Books are compilation of knowledge accumulated through times. With these it allows other people to borrow knowledge and use it to our advantage. In Stock market trading or investing to prevent having the same mistakes as one would normally encounter and to prevent huge errors during our early years of investing, if this is the type of business you are to engaged with, it is very crucial to have the foundation coming from the experience of those who are proven to have done it in the past.

I have compiled here the books I have used during my early years on trading the stock market, these books have been very invaluable in providing guidelines through my investing journey. I want to share it with you as well

In Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard, Minerviniunveils his trademarked stock market method SEPA, which provides outsized returns in virtually every market by combining careful risk management, self-analysis, and perseverance. He explains in detail how to select precise entry points and preserve capital-for consistent triple- digit returns.

Whether you’re just getting started in the stockmarket or you’re a seasoned pro, Minervini will show how you how to achieve SUPERPERFORMANCE! You’ll gain valuable knowledge as he shares lessons, trading truths, and specific tactics–all derived from his 30-year career as one of America’s most successful stock traders. You can buy here the book if you want to read more.

The goal of a stock speculator is to be prepared at all times, and the best way to do this is to create “what if” scenarios and responses. What if your internet goes down? What will you do, where will you go? I have had this happen to me in Germany where no cafes have wifi; luckily I knew where the closest Starbucks was to travel to.

Mark gives an example of his brokerage firm going down system wide, and and he now keeps a funded second account so he can short against his longs should he need to. Disaster plans may seem silly, but having one can avert disaster. What would happen if you woke up and as you were drinking your coffee calmly by your desk you realise your biggest position has had a massive profit warning and is gapping down 30%? Gap downs are not nice. You can buy the book here.

The Trading Code is perfect for beginners, advanced traders and investors. Discussion of over 300 illustrations and charts are centered around actual stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange. It is the ultimate reference for the stocks you trade everyday!

The trading techniques and principles that you will learn in The Trading Code are simple, replicable, and effective in any time frame, any stock, and any market. Buy it here to read more.

Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money. He takes on the myths of the market and exposes them one by one teaching traders to look beyond random outcomes, to understand the true realities of risk, and to be comfortable with the probabilities of market movement that governs all market speculation. Buy it here to read more.

The interim has witnessed the most dynamic bull market in US stock history, a collapse in commodity prices, dramatic failures in some of the world’s leading hedge funds, the burst of the Internet bubble, a fall into recession and subsequent rumblings of recovery. Who have been the market wizards during this tumultuous financial period? How did some traders manage to significantly outperform a stockmarket that during its heyday moved virtually straight up? This book will feature interviews with a variety of traders who achieved phenomenal financial success during the glory days of the Internet boom. In contrast with the first two Market Wizard books, which included traders from a broad financial spectrum – stocks, bonds, currencies and futures – this volume will focus on traders in the stockmarket. You can buy it here to read more.

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