Monde Nissin company has disclosed that it intends to invest in Figaro Coffee (PSE: FCG) buy acquiring 15% stake in the company at 1 peso per share.

Below is the details of PSE Edge disclosure.

Monde Nissin Corporation will be releasing to the public the attached statement titled “Monde Nissin to acquire 15% stake in Figaro Coffee Group”.

“The Executive Committee of Monde Nissin Corporation (PSE stock symbol: MONDE) has approved the acquisition of a 15% stake in Figaro Coffee Group Inc. (“FCG”) for Php 820.3 mn, which translates to Php 1.00 per share. The transaction shall consist in the subscription to primary shares of FCG. Proceeds of the subscription shall be used by FCG to finance its expansion plans.

FCG wholly-owns Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc. (“FCSI”), through which it operates and/or franchises a network of restaurants. These include Figaro Coffee, a coffee shop with domestic and international branches; Angel’s Pizza, a pizza store chain; Tien Ma’s, a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant; The Figaro Group (TFG) Express outlet, a multi-brand kiosk selling the top products of FCSI’s other restaurants; and Café Portofino, an outlet which primarily serves beverages and bakery items.”


FCG stock price have been surging from the last week trading, yesterday prices closed at 0.89 pesos per share

Figarro Coffee FCG stock Price

ACEN listed company, a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation has added to its portfolio a 300MW Palauig Solar farm.

ACEN has disclosed in PSE Edge the following information.

ACEN, the listed energy platform of the Ayala Group, boosts its renewable energy portfolio in its home country, the Philippines, with the start of construction of the 300 MW Palauig 2 Solar farm located in Zambales, an area with one of the country’s highest irradiance zones and solar energy potential.

In proximity to ACEN’s operating 63 MW Palauig 1 Solar project, the cost of the new development, including the construction of the 1,200 MW transmission line, is estimated at Php16 billion. 540 MWp high-efficiency solar panels will be supplied by module manufacturer, Seraphim.

ERS Energy Pte. Ltd. (ERS) and Global Electric Power Development Corporation (GEC) are signed on as the project’s Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, with ERS as the offshore supplier and GEC as the onshore construction contractor.

Palauig 2 Solar is expected to produce over 450 GWh of clean energy per year, and together with Palauig 1 Solar’s 90 GWh output, can sustainably power the equivalent of around 139,000 homes and avoid 350,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. ACEN has also created around 2,200 green energy jobs in Zambales since the start of the development of Palauig 1 Solar in 2020, helping stir the local economy and improve national prosperity as the country gears up for a post pandemic era.

ACEN is the listed energy platform of the Ayala Group. The company has ~4,000 MW of attributable capacity from owned facilities in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Australia, with a renewable share of 98%, which is among the highest in the region.

ACEN’s aspiration is to be the largest listed renewables platform in Southeast Asia, with a goal of reaching 20 GW of renewables capacity by 2030. ACEN is committed to transition the company’s generation portfolio to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and to become a Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions company by 2050.


ACEN stock price recovered its stock price after a shareholder firesale of its shares. Yesterday its price closed at 7.50 per share.

ACEN Stock Price