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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 25, 2021


PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 22, 2021


PSE market corrected after 5 days of consecutive gains as it ended the week in red with a -0.3% drop. This could have been brought by profit taking after most of the stocks have move up significantly for the week. 7 day average of Covid cases continue to drop and consistent supply of vaccines have fueled the previous index run. There are also news surfacing that a subvariant of Delta variant virus which is more contagious than the existing Delta variant have been detected in Europe.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 21, 2021


The PSE market continued its winning streak as the index stayed above the 7,300 level during the day trading. The market ended with a gain of +0.2%, still bullish as the previous day covid cases drop again below 4k level. According to OCTA research group, the covid levels are at situation where we will be at stage before the upsurge of the Covid cases.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 20, 2021


The market continued its winning streak as it closed again by 0.42% as buying during the pre-close period occurred. Majority of traders and investors are still upbeat on the recovery of the economy as COVID cases steadily decline, current cases are below 4k level already. Government is also mulling the Alert level system to be implemented outisde Metro Manila.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 19, 2021


PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 18, 2021


The market ended up in green after closing hours but move in between losing and gaining position due to the market sentiment on China GDP falling below expectations. Leaders like Converge ICT and AC Energy continued their decline as well while index closed up at 7,219.81 level with 0.09% gain.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 15, 2021


The PSE market closed on a positive sentiment with +0.42% gain for the day. A lot of traders and investors are still bullish on the current news regarding the re-opening of the economy where Metro Manila will start to shift to Alert level 3 by October 16, 2021. Government is also optimistic that its could reach its target of 4-5% GDP as we catch up with looser restrictions implemented for the last quarter of the year. In addition the US market was upbeat also yesterday which could have contributed on the more optimistic market sentiment.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 14, 2021


The PSE market have a good head start during early trading and managed to break out from its short term consolidation closing at 1.62% with intraday high passing 1.7%. A slew of good news yesterday provided the needed catalyst to move high for today. The government finally lifted Alert level 4 in Metro Manila from October 16-31, 2021, going to much less stringent Alert level 3 as the IATF accepted the proposal. In addition the daily covid cases seem to drop more significantly to 7,000 level its first time in months after going as high as 20,000 daily cases.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 13, 2021


The index drop by -0.55% ending the rally brought by the 3% breakout the other day. IMF have slashed the growth of Philippines due to pandemic brought by Covid. Most of the stocks that drop as well were having overbought conditions and profit taking could have added on the sentiment for the day.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 12, 2021


The PSE market open in a positive note but decline by -0.23% at the close as profit taking occurred. The newly included Blue chip stock WLCON and Bloomberry (BLOOM) contributed on the drop of the index. The market expectation is to remain to be bullish as the Covid vaccines continues its healthy supply amid dropping in Covid cases. There is also an optimism on the possible lowering of Alert level 4 for Metro Manila on October 15, 2021.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 11, 2021


The PSE market rebounded strongly today from its last Friday’s drop. It move byas much as 3.7% during intraday trading and close at 3.14%%. The average daily cases for COVID infection is still on a decline rate might have prompted investors to continue buying the PSE shares. There are also news in circulation stating that the reproduction rate of the virus have decline by more than 20% from the last 2 weeks occurrence. In addition, stocks related to Banks have been exhibiting breakouts from the last 2 days trading results.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 08, 2021


PSE market ended the week in red as it closed down yet again for another round of profit taking at the pre-close period. Converge ICT continues its drag and lose again another -10.4% as it has finally open up its lock up for investors after 180 days. Investors under lock up can then trade their shares on October 11, 2021, thus causing some fear in the investing public for any future flooding of shares in the market.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Oct 07, 2021


PSE corrected sharply for the day as profit taking by foreigners continued. Net foreign selling reach as much as -1.4Billion. The PSEI major movers like Converge ICT have succumb to profit taking and drop by more than 14%. 

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 29, 2021


The index encountered a “shakeout” of week holders as the global effects of the previous trading on US equities spilled all over asia, but then later before the closing it encountered recovery as the issue stem from the possible defaulting of US government if not abated as per Janet Yellen. 

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 22, 2021


The market inch up a bit and closed with a 0.14% after some profit taking. The stock move strongly at the open due to the news that Evergrande Property Developer in China will be able to pay its due debt obligation this September worth around $7BUSD. 

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 14, 2021


Market corrected after touching the 7k level and most blue chips suddenly reversed the upward direction during the pre-closing time. It could be the start of a short term pullback as the market still awaits for good sentiment to continue its upward breakout from 7k level

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 13, 2021


Blue chip stocks with good trend direction continued the run up keeping the index in the uptrend direction. The group was led by GLOBE Telecom surging as by more than 7% for the day. Meanwhile the rest of the stocks pulled back from last Friday up move as the overall sentiment is waiting for the results of the granular lockdowns to be implement by the government.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 10, 2021


Market continuing its rally. The index move up by 0.67% for Friday’s trading with a net foreign selling value of more than 53Million. After hours the government finally decided on the rules of granular lockdowns of which the Metro manila region will be the first to implement. This means that areas that will be lockdown will be on per case base unlike the current general MECG or GCQ classification where almost everyone including unaffected cities still undergo lockdown. The local investors seem to act positively on this catalyst.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Sept 03, 2021


Foreigners keep accumulating shares of Philippine stocks as the market move up by 0.91%. There seems to be optimism on the market as well as news about granular lockdowns are now being implement. It remains to be seen if we could sustain the move as covid cases still stays on high level with cases exceeding 20,000 again

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 25, 2021


The market was significantly up by 2.13% at the close due to buying spree seen on telco companies on GLOBE  and PLDT. The market took a que from news stating that Telecom companies are being reviewed if to be considered as a public utility where the foreigners can later have a 100% ownership.  

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 20, 2021


Market pulled back with more than 170Million net foreign selling after rallying up for the past 4 days. Foreigners took the opportunity to take profit as the market moved up significantly. S&P ratings have downgraded again its GDP outlook for Philippines from 5-6% for 2021 to 4-5% due to the recent typhoons that visited the country and recent lockdowns again implemented by the Government. 

The government also declared Aug21-31 to revert back to Enhanced Community Quarantine despite increasing covid cases in Metro Manila. It remains to be seen if this can be sustain as the cases goes up by the day.

PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 18, 2021


PSEI is on a roll, today is the third day that the market ended in green as it is up by more than 1.8%. Many are doing bargain hunting on Blue chips stocks as the recent news for earnings are still showing optimistic results. The government is set to discuss this thursday the quarantine classification of NCR for the rest of August remaining days.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 13, 2021


The market dropped sharply at pre-close which signifies start of rebalancing from big institutions and portfolio managers. Major stocks had significant drops with some of the blue chips going down as much as 4-7%. The index drop by as much as 3.6% for the day but ended with a net foreign buying as big insti gobbled shares from ACEN and CNVRG as they enter the blue chip index.


PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 10, 2021


PSE have reasons to become optimistic again for the coming few days as the GDP of the country rose to 11% for Q2 2021, indicating emergence from recession period experience for the same quarter last year.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 09, 2021


The bullishness from the new blue chip stocks continued its rally including mid cap and small cap stocks.

CNVRG and ACEN lead the market but encountered profit taking at the closing period, it remains to be seen if it can continue its rally for the next day

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 06, 2021


Market was in green the whole day but suddenly retracted to the negative side during the pre-clos period. Most likely investors are taking profits from the last 3 days stock run up and anticipating the ECQ lockdown starting today.

ICT and Bloom lifted the market together with few stocks which were recently included on the Index. ACEN, CNVRG, PHA had a strong close after the stocks name were mention in the list.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 05, 2021


PSE fell by -0.58% as profit taking happened after 3 days rally of the market.  There is also an expectation of the upcoming lockdown tomorrow so the market maybe pricing it already.

On the other side of the market, the indexes of the market have completed its review and ACEN and CNVRG will be included in the index replacing DMCI and Emperador. Expect to see market movements tomorrow as fund managers start to do rebalancing of their portfolio due to the recent changes.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 04, 2021


The market continued its gain in the third day as good news coming from company earnings continue to come.

It remains to be seen if this sentiment will continue by the time the ECQ lockdown will take an effect.  Net foreign buying is still not significant, hopefully this can be sustained in the short term.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: Aug 03, 2021


The market had a lot of reasons to celebrate. 1st half earnings of the majority of stocks were upbeat raising the optimism on the market and pushed the index higher to 1.7%. The delivery also of US donated vaccines added to the good sentiment. 

It remains to be seen if these market uptick is sustainable with the upcoming ECQ lockdown starting Aug 6.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 30, 2021


The market corrected sharply at the pre-close as fears loom out due to the expected GCQ to ECQ quarantine starting August 6-20 classification of National capital region. Pessimism in the market sink in as Metro Manila Mayors pushed for the harsher lockdown. 

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 29, 2021


PSE managed to retain its ground and gain 0.36%. Majority of the blue chips were in green with Emperador leading the group movement. The government maintain its position of retaining GCQ with heightened status of Metro Manila and NCR plus. Metro Manila Mayors however are convening again to discuss with AITF to revert to the stricter ECQ. This remains to be seen. Expect negative sentiment in the market if this happens.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 28, 2021


PSE market lost its gains yesterday as news start to come out with the Metro Manila Mayors preparing for the more restrictive enhanced community quarantine. Most of the blue chips retreated from its strong bounce yesterday. More negative sentiment are expected to occur for the next few trading days.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 27, 2021


PSE roared back by more than 2% recovering its losses from the other day. Selling pressure have subside after the market was able to absorbed President Duterte next policies for the last year of his stay on the office. It remains to be seen if this is sustainable as the OCTA Research group was calling out for renewed lockdowns in Metro Manila after it registered more than 1000 cases per day again raising covid infections to more than 7k today.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 26, 2021


Market is going deeper today as it dropped again by more than 2%. The market now looks very risky in the short term. No catalyst could abate investors going out and most traders are staying on the sideline. There is a growing risk aversion now that the threat of Delta variant is visible in other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. President Duterte SONA is anticipated by the market to see any good catalyst on the government economic direction for his last year of staying in the office.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 23, 2021


The PSE market slide again to end the week in a red note as it dive again by -0.85%. The close was a sudden upsurge from the days low of -1.5% as the market is digesting again series of negative news from the market. IATF recalled its previous ruling and now not allowing children to stay outside there houses. The President already approved and now convening together with IATF for the next activities to be conducted to reduce the threat of the Delta Variant of Covid19 virus. In addition it has been decided to impose travel ban from countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 22, 2021


The market finally had a rebound after few trading days of going down the hill and went up by 1.55%. Could have been due to the bargain hunting for stocks that went down too fast and the Global equities are showing strong recovery. We still see a lot of negative news coming out to the market, in particular OCTA Research group worries with regards to the possibility of increase Delta Variant local transmission as our positivity rate have been increase to 1.15. 

On the international market, Moody’s Investor downgraded GDP outlook of the Philippines which we think will add pressure later on to the market. 

We haven’t seen the bottom yet for this cycle, so its best to observe how the market behaves with caution on investing or trading during this time

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 21, 2021


PSE continued its decline amid non stop negative news from the market. The Government is mulling to implement a stricter guidelines and revert from its initial decision of letting children 5 and above to be able to go outside there home area. Inflation fears come as well as there are news coming out about the approve increment on prices of basic goods. The market is now nearing oversold condition and is very near its low of  6,100 level during the month of May

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 19, 2021


PSEI decline more than 2% for the day and close at 1.59% drop from yesterdays closing. The sentiment due to Delta variant being transmitted locally cause some concern resulting to drop of majority of the stocks. Global markets for US, Europe and Asia share the same sentiment

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 15, 2021


THE PSEI market continued its decline for the last 2 weeks. Index dropped by more than 1.5% with an extended selling pressure at the runf off period. Foreigners were net sellers by more the 500M and most of the stocks encountered decline.

On the other hand, the government has already laid out its community quarantine levels for the country where in Manila and National capital region will undergo General Community Quarantine (GCQ) for the next 15 days.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 14, 2021


PSEI index managed to stay above its support level above 6,780. The impact of the Fitch review is still being felt and the PSEI gain of 0.56% was due to a “magic” closing effect as traders and investors managed to buy up some of the blue chips at the closing.

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PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 13, 2021


Market sentiment shifted to the red color as Fitch ratings downgraded Philippines credit ratings today

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