Blue chip Stocks

Blue chips stocks represents the best companies in the Philippines. It consists of the 30 Best companies from different sectors of the market index.

The Philippines has over than 200 companies listed in the stock market. They were selected from the Bank Sector, Mining Sector, Holdings Sector, Services Sector, Industrial and property base from guidelines set by the regulating body. If you want to know what are these guidelines, you can check our article “Blue chips, what you need to know” to understand the requirements.

Who are the best Blue chip Stocks

We have compiled here the list of blue chip stocks that we think will be able to survive the pandemic and if you can hold long enough for at least 5 years, there is a big possibilities that you can earn passively from them.

This is just a guide we have selected from our years of experience trading the Philippine market. Be reminded that investing in the market have risk so be selective and conduct due diligence on reviewing the current company status.

How to Buy and When to Sell

For those starting out on the market you can use the strategy from our Long Term investing article here, which is using the method of Peso Cost Averaging (PCA). Cost averaging removes the effect of volatility of investing on the market as you only buy on regular intervals

Buy below- when the prices are lower than the buy below price, you can start to do Peso cost averaging

Target Price-when the stock reaches the target price, you can start taking profits

Estimated gain-this is the estimate gain from the current price of the stock, we will update this time to time so be sure to check the updates regularly

Status-this is our guide whether it is ok to continue, stop buying or start taking profits

We do have a Patreon channel to guide those who are willing more to learn about the markets. You can check it out so we can guide you more if you do not know how to do this on your own.

This list have been recently updated to reflect the changes for Q1, 2022 earnings. Several stocks were remove due to low earnings or fundamentals are not currently favorable at the moment. BPI was replaced by SCC, SMPH replaced by DMC, JGS replace by SECB and MBT replaced ACEN.

Stock CodeBuy BelowEstimated %GainTarget SellStatus

Why Invest in Blue chip Stocks

This is to ensure that the investing public will know which companies are best to put our investments. Since they are the best companies in the Philippine market they are expected to be able to withstand economic issues like the pandemic that we are having now.

Blue chip stocks are known also to give regular dividends. You can check our blog regarding how to earn from the stock dividends to learn more from it.

Most of my investments on the Philippine market is through stock trading and speculating on price action movement, but I do own a list of blue chip stocks. I also personally get my stock picks on the list provided on this article


Stock market investing have risk. Stocks move according to company conditions, economic situation and global sentiment so be sure to study them well first before investing your hard earn money. Market present good opportunities to earn passive if done correctly.