PSE Stock Trendings Review: July 15, 2021


THE PSEI market continued its decline for the last 2 weeks. Index dropped by more than 1.5% with an extended selling pressure at the run off period. Foreigners were net sellers by more the 500M and most of the stocks encountered decline.

On the other hand, the government has already laid out its community quarantine levels for the country where in Manila and National capital region will undergo General Community Quarantine (GCQ) for the next 15 days.

Top Trending Stocks
PHA-Gap up during the opening but closed on the red due to profit taking
VUL-After opening with optimism after trading halt was lifted due to a new investor acquiring shares drop also due to profit taking
ACEN-Still holding its ground and closed near the 8.8 peso level

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PSEI index managed to stay above its support level above 6,780. The impact of the Fitch review is still being felt and the PSEI gain of 0.56% was due to a “magic” closing effect as traders and investors managed to buy up some of the blue chips at the closing.

The RSI indicators are still showing signs of weakness together with the MACD indicators suggesting low risk appetite from both traders and Investors.

Trending stocks

PHA-managed to move more than 7% for the day because of sentiment from Marvin dela Cruz, president of Squidpay technologies

GMA7-still reeling from strong profit taking

CLI-July 14 marked the payment date for the 123% stock dividends caused a sudden gap down on price movements