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Sta. Lucia Land Incorporated received a statement Letter form the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 12, 2021 where the Corporation Registration letter regarding to its follow-on offering have been approved by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Letter concludes that the registration according to the Primary Offer of (3,000,000,000) common shares, consisting more than (2,500,000,000) shares. With an Over-subscription up to Five Hundred Million (500,000,000) with a value of One Peso (1.00) per share. That is going to sold to the public at an offer price reach to P2.38 to P.3.29 per share to be listed and traded to the Main Board of the (PSE) Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. said by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Through the issuance of an Order Registration and Permit to sell Securities shall be issued to the Corporation.

If the follow on offering would be successful, Sta Lucia Land Inc, will be able to generate a total of 9.87 Billion pesos. FOO will be on November 10-19, 2021 while its listing date in the Philippine stock exchange would be on November 26, 2021.

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