GMA7 has recently announced its partnership with a US based health care system Wavemaker Three-sixty Health. Wavemaker is a leading venture fund firm focus on early stage healthcare systems.

Wavemaker 360 has a robust portfolio of healthcare companies in the United States and a proven track record of growing companies from early-stage ideas to large-scale global businesses. The joint effort with GMA Ventures will enable Wavemaker 360 to gain more expertise and navigate the healthcare system in the Philippines and its surrounding areas, to support its global portfolio. Wavemaker 360 has already funded companies that are planning expansion to Southeast Asia, and the Philippines is officially on that roadmap thanks to the GMA Ventures partnership.

Working in both the direction of importing and exporting heath-tech innovation, the partnership between GMA Ventures and Wavemaker 360 will help young companies across the healthcare technology sector gain much needed financial support to penetrate this growing market and bring life-changing innovations to patients, doctors, nurses and all others who intersect within the healthcare field.

According to Atty Felipe, Chairman and CEO of GMA Network and GMA Ventures, “Our partnership with Wavemaker 360 will allow us to enter a hugely profitable segment of healthcare,”. “The Philippines is on an upward trajectory in terms of healthcare innovation, and we are thrilled to have Wavemaker’s team of healthcare experts as our partner in evaluating and funding budding startups at the intersection of healthcare and technology.”


Stock price of GMA7 has been rising from the past two weeks of trading and is now currently at 12.0php/share.

GMA7 stock price